festive christmas

The 12 Festive Experiences that make us love Christmas!

Unless you have young kids kicking around, Christmas day sometimes can be an anti-climax with the real excitement of the festive period being the run up to the big day itself.

Now we don’t advocate starting the Christmas celebrations early like some of the big supermarkets, say the day after Halloween but now December is well and truly upon us…its officially time to party and get into the Christmas spirit.

festive christmas

1. Christmas Market Time

Wooden chalets with snow covered roofs are a must visit in the run up to Christmas.

Where or when else would you buy those pashmina’s or those bits of wood with your name on them?

Seriously we all love a visit to the Christmas market with a great selection of mouth-watering food, personalised gifts and not forgetting a visit to one of the festive bars to make the visit truly special.

2. Diet….what diet?

Yip…that’s right…you are allowed to binge…or should we say…‘indulge’ in many of the festive favourites.

Turkey and ham with all the trimmings really is the king but it’s a time of the year for delicious mince pie’s, Christmas pudding smothered in brandy cream, chocolates….yes loads of chocolates, candy canes and even a German sausage or three.

The diet can start in January.

3. Gluhwein…. aka Mulled Wine

Its simply Christmas in a bottle!

Warmed red wine made magical by simply adding a cinnamon stick and star anise but we would even recommend picking up a bottle from Winemark…it’s like a warm mouth full of heaven.

4. Hanging with the family

Christmas is all about family. Simple.

Who doesn’t love as Chris Rea says ‘driving home for Christmas’?

Putting up the tree and decorations together all aided with a Christmas tipple no doubt, makes great memories.

5. Drinks with friends

Always a great time of the year to head out and meet old school friends for Xmas drinks.

Who could say no to cocktails in Alibi, gins in the Chelsea or pints in a good boozer like Robinsons?

Facebook and Snapchat etc may be great…. but not as great as catching up face to face with friends…especially in a pub.

And remember ‘a pub is for life…not just Christmas’.

6. Presents

Before being delivered by Amazon, Christmas was all about the presents Santa left under the tree.

Even as grown ups the excitement you feel as you rush to open every package under the tree with your name on it…is only met with the disappointment when you realise its just a package of 3 M&S socks.

But look on the bright side…you can never have enough socks.

7. The Christmas Number One

There was a time when all eyes were transfixed on what was going to make it to the Christmas number 1 spot, and the crowning glory of making it onto the Christmas Day Top of the Pops.

Maybe it was Scrooge aka Simon Cowell himself but the Xmas Number 1 doesn’t now mean what it once did.

However, you cant deny that Killing in the Name Of was a master stroke!

8. Christmas Singalongs

Yip…. that’s right when the drinks in…we all think we could win X Factor.

But as Buddy the Elf said himself ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’….and he was bang on the money.

Who doesn’t love a chorus of the Fairy-tale of New York at the end of a great night out?

9. Snow

The odd’s at getting snow on Christmas Day is actually quite low but who doesn’t love a snow day (apart from employers!!!) Snow angels, snowmen and a snowball on the side of the face….oh such fun.

10. Office party time!

Who doesn’t love a Christmas party?

Well apart from most of the hard-working bar staff of Belfast but that’s for another blog lol!

No seriously…time to get the hair done, don your Sunday best and get on the dancefloor and dance to ‘Proud Mary’.

Now one tip is don’t try and tell your boss what they do wrong through the year…or for that matter…try and slip the lips on them.

That doesn’t make for a pleasant staff meeting the following Monday.

11. Watching your favourite festive flick

Whether you love watching Elf, Miracle on 34th Street or the classic It’s a Wonderful Life…. anyone who doesn’t think Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time…isn’t a friend of ours here at BOAD HQ!


12. Meeting Father Christmas

For a small child meeting the big man in the red suit for the first has to be one of the most magical experiences ever…so to get you in the festive mood…close your eyes and think back to when you first met him and say

‘I Believe’