cocktail masterclass whole lot of shaken going on

Cocktail Masterclass – A Whole Lot Of Shaken’ Going On!

Bar staff now more than ever, know their drinks.

Brand knowledge amongst good bar staff has never been in abundance as it is today.

After all the drinks industry now has more brand training and spirit tastings than ever before and a world of knowledge is just a click away.

cocktail masterclass whole lot of shaken going on

On the flip side consumers still know relatively little about spirits.

While we seem to have a growing number of whiskey and gin connoisseurs kicking about, generally speaking joe public doesn’t have the ‘knowledge of spirits’ the same way they have developed their knowledge of beer and wine over recent years.

Sadly, some folk just don’t care to learn about what they drink but, whiskey and especially gin has enjoyed a growth in interest in both categories helped by many brands being pro-active in their marketing.

Many consumers now won’t settle for say a Gordons Gin when they can go out and pick up a bottle of Jawbox Gin or Ha’penny Gin.

Its good to experiment and develop one’s taste buds but it’s a slow process.

So, now is a great time for bars and venues to help educate and change people’s attitudes to the world of spirits and a great fun way to do this is through a ‘Cocktail Masterclass.’

It should also never be under-estimated just how exciting it is for someone to be put behind a bar and allowed to do their best Tom Cruise impression. Cocktails and dream’s, wasn’t it?

So here is our top tips for organising a great Cocktail Masterclass:

  • The price needs to reflect what the cocktail shaker is getting. It needs to be value for money.
    They want to feel like they have learnt how to mix a drink but want to have a few drinks along the way which will make the night flow more easily.
  • Look for a place with various package options. How many drinks and what food options are available etc – you might as well help make a night of it! Three drinks is the magic number but no more than 4 is recommended.
  • Venues worth a salt will know preparation is the key. Having the drinks ready, the fruit cut and the glasses waiting to be filled. Venues want to look slick and professional.
  • Class size is important. Too many people can be hard to accommodate and be catered for. Try and arrange for the class to be in an area where they can all see and hear what’s going on without other customers getting in the way and trying to get drinks from other staff.
  • Ensuring that the lecturing is kept to a minimum – the conversation should be light and funny. After all, a masterclass is entertainment. People don’t want to know the theory of distillation but a good story about a brand may catch their interest.
  • Competitive? Getting 2 of the cocktail shakers to go head to head over making a drink – with the winner getting a shot or maybe a bottle of something to take away with them can be fun. Who doesn’t like to out-do their friends?
  • And more importantly keep it fun. Ensure the attendees are doing the shaking. After all, that’s why they are there!

Cocktail masterclasses can be a great night out whether it’s for a hen party, a team-building exercise or a fun way to entertain clients.

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