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What is Bit Of A Do?

Bit Of A Do (BOAD) are an events company established in March 2017 to provide hospitality solutions for a variety of events and a number of clients in and around Belfast.

We create bespoke events such as Oktoberfest Custom House Square and also supply staff and services to numerous clients such as Moira Calling, Proms in the Park, The Friends Goodwill Festival and the Glengormley Christmas Village.

We also work along with pub chain Wine Inns who own a number of well-known venues in Belfast.

With this we need staff who are flexible with their availability and what they can work.

We match great people with great venues and can offer work that fits round your schedule.

Flexible working is ‘on-trend’ – work where and when you want and as much or as little as you choose.

Sounds perfect right?

How To Join

The first thing you need to do to get involved is to sign up by clicking here.

Please note applicants should have a minimum of 6 months experience in a busy food & drink environment. 

After that, you’ll attend an interview which allows us to assess whether you’re a good fit for the types of roles we have – and it also protects our Partner venues as it ensures they only have top-quality workers on their team.

Once successful you will then be added to our Events Team and our WhatsApp Group to hear first-hand what events and staffing requirements we have on offer.

Always make sure you keep a regular eye on your phone so that you don’t miss out on the perfect shift opportunity for you.

As we as a company grow and our events schedule and list of industry partners grow, more and more work will become available – which means you have more shifts to choose from.

Of course, there’s no pressure to take any, but we recommend that you do if you want to earn some extra income.

Joining our Events Team has many benefits

  • Competitive rates of pay (plus any tips made during your shift).
  • Each shift will include uniform requirements. Some outlets will provide full uniform but make sure you have black trousers, black shoes and a plain black shirt and a plain white shirt. That should be you covered.
  • There is no minimum number of hours you have to work.
  • We have a wide range of work available including waiting, bartending, & floor staff.
  • You will gain valuable experience across a wide range of venues and events.
  • We pay holiday pay based on every hour you work.
  • Service and Product Knowledge Training will be given throughout your time on our team. We want to have the best staff available, not only for our own events but for staff who work for our partner venues and corporate clients.
  • You will receive a staff discount card which will get you discounts on food across a number of our partner venues across the city Inc. Robinsons, Cutters Wharf, The Doyen, The Parlour and The Chelsea, and discounts in our sister companies Winemark Off Licences and Russell’s F&D Convenience Stores.

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Join The Team!

Who would benefit from joining our team?

There are many reasons why flexible work may suit you better than a traditional part-time job.

Flexible work can be an effective way to earn money by doing what you love.

We pride ourselves on bringing together great staff with fabulous venues and events across the hospitality industry to fulfil fluctuating staffing demands on both sides.

Flexible working patterns are quickly becoming more and more dominant in the workplace, and with Belfast becoming a well-recognised city break and conference destination there will be an increasing demand for flexible hospitality work.

Have you seen all these hotels popping up!!

That gives you an indication of what’s happening in the leisure and entertainment industry.

As the National Lottery once stated ‘It Could Be You’

Are you one of the following people who would benefit from joining our Events Team?

The Student

Whether you are a ‘local student’ or a student from overseas a job in hospitality means you can up your income without interrupting your studies or the 2 for 1 cocktails on Thursdays in the Students Union for that matter.

You don’t have to work every weekend and the extra income will take the pressure of the Bank of Mum & Dad.

For overseas students, it’s a great way to meet new friends and discover the best venues and events in the city.

No matter where you hail from – as long as you have a valid work visa, and for the meantime anyhow, from another country in the European Community you too can join the BOAD Events Team

Young, Free & Single

Joining our team means you can earn money while meeting new people.

It keeps you busy and sociable when you don’t have other plans. Social Life and being paid for it – sweet!

The Social Commentator

Blogging is an excellent way of life, but it takes time to establish yourself.

Flexible work allows you to earn and blog at the same time, letting you do what you love with a few extra pound in your pocket.

The First Time Buyer

Ease the pressure of mortgage payments, or use the extra cash to kit out your new home.

Sounds like a penalty kick!

The New Parent

A full-time job and a new baby is a challenge for any new parent.

Joining our team and its flexible work ethos allows you to put your family first, yet still have an income to get the little rascals all they need.

Work when it is suitable for you and your little one, not when the boss says you have to.

Your little one is the boss now!

The ‘New-Found Freedom’ Parent

Kids all flown the coup?

The house is somewhat quieter than before…and you don’t fancy looking at the other half looking like they should be on ‘The Royale Family sofa’.

Time to get out and enjoy your new-found freedom and get paid for it.

Event work is very social and very rewarding.

The Explorer

Earn extra money with BOAD shifts and start saving up to travel the world.

It’s big and exciting and out there waiting for you.

Best of all, you can always join the team on your return. Well as long as you have brought us back some duty free.

The Worker

You may be working in a regular full or part-time job but fancy doing something totally different in your spare time or maybe it’s just for some extra cash.

It’s your call when you work. Plenty of our events are evening and weekend based so the options there if you want it.

The long and short of it is that all types of people can benefit from flexible working on our events team.

Pick and choose shifts that work for you and earn money whilst prioritising other important areas of your life.


Sign Up To Join Our Team Now!

Join The Team!