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Organising the Christmas Party

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the snow recently tis the season to be jolly no less, and nights out with friends or work colleagues really do need to be planned like a military operation.

You have to pick and choose wisely which nights out to attend, for the ladies which outfit to wear (as blokes can simply pull on the festive jumper and boom…ready to go), taxi’s sorted, kids looked after etc.

The stress in getting ready to party is only relieved by that first glass of prosecco.

Now if sorting yourself is bad enough just spare a moment to think about the event or party organiser – that person in the office who has been given the unenviable task of planning the staff night out?

While some people will relish the opportunity to stamp their mark on the biggest night of the year others will smile and secretly scream ‘noooooooooooo’ with dread at the thought.

Right…let’s get this sorted.

You are up against the busiest most hectic social period of the year but it also gives you a chance to shine.

Organise the best Christmas party ever and your status at work will be without reproach.

Let’s be positive, we won’t mention if the party flops like some recent X Factor contestants.

And remember many of these points below are just like a puppy…’they are not just for Christmas’

The Venue

You may have a favourite bar or venue you go to all the time but is it the right place for your staff event?

It mightn’t be available either but why not look around and check out places you haven’t been to for a while or somewhere that’s had a facelift and a rebrand?

The Doyen jumps to mind…formerly the Kings Head on the Lisburn Road it’s unrecognizable as a destination.

There are countless venue options in the city so why not pop out to them, grab a drink and consider the following:

  • Location – is it handy for everyone to get to?Is its easily found? Is it on a major bus route, is the area serviced well by taxi’s, and for some is parking available. Remember not everyone will partake in some festive Christmas cheer!
  • Access – is it wheelchair friendly, does it have a lift or stairs? Remember Betty in accounts has been there since the abacus was invented so a flight or 2 of stairs mightn’t be the best idea. Also, if you are booking a band/entertainment can they get access easily enough?
  • Entertainment – does the venue have in-house entertainment or will you supply your own? Is the house entertainment suitable? Is there room for a band or DJ to setup? What about acoustics…no point booking a band in a room for 50 people when once they start off with Don’t Stop Believin’…nobody can hear themselves and the room clears. You want to dance….so is there space to pretend you are on Strictly? Nothing worse than Billy from Purchasing getting his pint knocked out of his hand by the girls from accounts doing the Proud Mary. What about a smoking area? Is there somewhere close to the room you are in or is there a 2-day camel hike to get outside?

    Hotels have for a long time been the mainstay of the Christmas Party scene but why not look outside the box and look at some of the great bars in the city. Many are multi-functional and can cater to your party requirements.

  • The Experience

    People nowadays want an experience…they want to be surprised…they want something different from the norm.

    Party organisers now can’t be ‘bah humbug’ when planning an event, they need to look at those extra little details that make the event special.

    Festive cocktails on arrival, a delicious finger food buffet v’s a delicious (but traditional) 3 or 4 course meal, ambient lighting in the room, the background music, the table decorations, room layout etc its these small touches that make your fellow co-workers feel like they are attending something more than just an ordinary event.

    Speaking about food was the vegetarians and vegans catered for?

    What about those on a gluten free diet?

    Make sure when attending other events, you take note of what you liked…and more importantly what you didn’t.

    You’re never too old to learn.


    Even when the party has started the event organiser is ‘still on the clock’.

    Not even a second bottle of prosecco or a couple of Jawbox and gingers will get them relaxed enough to enjoy themselves.

    They are surrounded by critic’s…or should we say fellow co-workers and these party goer’s opinions matter.

    Did the drinks on arrival do the trick?

    Was the food selection up to standard? Varied enough? Did anyone notice the table decorations?

    What’s the feedback on the music? Are people dancing?

    Are many phones flashing?

    Are people taking pics of the food, the drinks table or the room?

    Are people checking in on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram?

    Remember a Christmas Party is a selfie-heaven.

    Why not set up a photo booth or photo op area with your company logo or brand visible?

    Keep your ear to the ground and if people express an opinion take it, but not to heart.

    Everyone has different tastes, that’s what makes the world a beautiful place.

    If they didn’t there wouldn’t be a fight which radio station was played in the design office every morning!

    If its negative…ask why?

    Learn and put that experience into the ‘idea bank’ for the next event…cause let’s face it…the next party will be landed on your desk again.

    Relish it…it’s now part of your job.

    Now even veteran event organisers could do well by contacting the professionals…just like us and helping take the pressure off.

    We work with a number of great venues in the city and can help you tick off many of the areas above you need to cover to make your event a sparkling success.

    And the best bit… we don’t charge for our party planning services.

    You pay the exact same price as if you had to organise the whole thing yourself!

    This allows you to relax and get into the Christmas spirit when you know we have you covered.

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