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No two events are the same and organising even a small event is no mean feat.

Just ask the person in the office who planned the last Christmas party or staff night out!

The bigger the event gets the bigger the pressure placed on that member of staff and the list of considerations that have to be factored in just keeps growing.

Planning any event is like walking through a mine field, just one step out of place and well…. goodnight!

We at BOAD very well know that getting people in and out of your event, getting them fed and watered, keeping them entertained and safe while at the event takes weeks and sometimes months of meticulous planning to get it right.

your event our expertise

So why put the pressure on your staff when we can help you?

We are skilled and experienced event management professionals, with dare I say decades of event experience under our belts and a list of well-known partner venues in our great city that we work with every day.

We can help you as much or as little as you need. Just need some staff to work at your event?

Yip no problem we can do that. Need us to supply the bar, licence and staff? Yeah, no problem either.

Need us to organise a venue with entertainment, food and drinks? Again, that’s what we do.

We said at the start of this blog that no two events are the same so that is why our approach is never the same either.

It’s your event – we are here to help facilitate the organisation of it for you.

We are sensitive to your needs and conscious to know that this event matters to you our client.

And to top it all, if the event is using one of our partner venues then there’s no additional fee for our services added on top.

Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Well actually you have to pay that part but our planning services are free.

We will organise your event as if it was our event.

We approach every event with our ‘5 P’s Principle’

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

You have to plan every event and that’s what we do.

Whether it’s a staff or corporate night in one of our partner venues or maybe its an event at your place of work we can take care of the whole organisation: obviously this varies from event to event but can include:

  • Securing the venue / date etc
  • Budgeting
  • Menu Planning
  • Event Marketing & Promotion
  • On the Day Logistics
  • Contingency planning

We have the venue contacts, entertainment contacts, furniture contacts, supplier contacts…. you name it…we know them!

Keeping an event efficiently running from set up, through delivery of the event right up until the last box is packed away takes a lot of work.

Much of that work we can do to minimise what you have to do and allows you time to maximise the guests experience.

After-all, it is your event so why not enjoy it?

As I write this the Rolling Stones are playing on Spotify singing Satisfaction which is quite apt…in that this is what we can do for you…give you SATISFACTION and peace of mind that your event was a success.

So, get in touch now:

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Corporate Sales Manager
07960 934 625

David Neely
Events Manager
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