Gin On The Roof!

The Brief

Our client, one of the largest commercial real estate services and investment firms in the world, asked us to come up with an idea for a client entertaining and networking event they wanted to host on their incredible rooftop terrace.

We do love a good rooftop party here in BOAD (who doesn’t?) so we jumped at the chance.

The brief given to us by the client was;

“something a bit different to anything we have done before or that our clients have been invited to before.”

They needed an event that their guests could both enjoy on a social level and network successfully on a business level

Lastly, they wanted a memorable event that their guests would go away from feeling that they had learnt something!

Like most networking events in the corporate world, this was something people were giving up their free time to attend so the client wanted them to feel like it was well worth it.

What We Did

As it was the summertime and due to its recent exploding popularity, the client was very keen to do something including Gin.

So, the Bit of A Do team came up with a fabulous evening of Gin tasting, Gin serves and Cocktails.

This style of event lent itself perfectly to the client’s desire for guests to mingle, chat and learn some great tips on how each Gin was made, how it is best served and what food you should eat along with it.

Here’s a peek at the rundown of the evening;

Arrival drink
Jawbox & Fentimans Ginger Ale served with garnish of Lime or Honeycomb

After mingling, guests are welcomed to the event by the client and their Gin speaker for the night.

Guests will then be talked through the welcome drink and the beauty of ‘The Perfect Serve’

Serve 1
Malfy & Fentimans Bitter Lemonade with Lemon Wheel & Mint Leaf

The speaker will guide the guests through the Malfy serve and a little bit about the brand & it’s history.

Matched Canapés will be served.

Guests are left to enjoy their drinks.

The speaker and staff mingle with the crowd to answer any questions.

Serve 2
Gunpowder & Fentimans Tonic with Peppered Grapefruit

Following a light discussion about the first drink, the speaker will then talk the guests through the Gunpowder serve and the brand.

Before leaving the guests to enjoy their drinks, the speaker will explain a little bit about why the canapes that are about to be served were selected.

Matched Canapés will be served.

Guests are left to enjoy their drinks.

The speaker and staff mingle with the crowd to answer any questions.

Serve 3
Ha’Penny & Fentimans Light Tonic with Orange, Cinnamon & Clove

Again, following an informal chat about the previous drink, the speaker will present the Ha’penny serve and talk all about the brand and its distillery.

Matched Canapés will be served.

Guests left to enjoy drink and the host and staff will mingle with the crowd to answer any questions.

To Finish
Gin Bramble Cocktail

The speaker will bring the evening to a close with a brief talk on the Gin Bramble.

Guests left to enjoy drink and the speaker and staff mingle with the crowd to answer any questions.

How fab does that all sound??

Now, in the interest of transparency – so important in the current climate ? – it’s only right that we tell you that the event didn’t go actually go ahead on the rooftop in the end!

I know, we were gutted too.

But why, you ask?

Well, as we previously mentioned it was ‘Summertime’ in Belfast, so obviously it rained!!!

However, this didn’t dampen our garnishes one bit – we relish a challenge and our event team are always prepped for every eventuality – so we just moved the whole shindig inside.

Our Gin expert and staff’s sunny disposition’s more than made up for any lack of rays outside.

And let’s face it, everyone love’s a good G&T – inside or out!

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