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There’s a quare stretch in the evening, as they say, and as we come out of a long January, dry or otherwise, we start to look ahead for the rest of the year. If you’ve kept one New Year’s resolution, it should be planning things in advance – Eventbrite, the online box office, advises that;

“At the very minimum, you need to start planning at least four to six months before your event is supposed to take place.”

Think availability of venues, especially at peak times and weekends – those social Friday night after work slots fill up pretty quickly. Outdoor spaces are at a premium, as are dates falling around the big sporting events. It can very rapidly devolve into a whirlwind of phone calls, pencilled in dates, guest availability and even entertainment woes – try booking any decent comedian when the Edinburgh Fringe is on!

This is where Bit of a Do can help. With some of Belfast’s favourite venues on our books we can instantly check availability and options for any size of an event, from after-work drinks to formal black-tie awards.

Instead of countless phone calls to confirm details with

  • Caterers
  • Venue owners
  • Musicians and entertainers
  • Sound and Technical Staff
  • Bartending firms
  • Stage dressers
  • Security

You could just drop us a line and get the ball rolling. With our one stop shop service all you have to do is tell us what you want and cash in on the glory of a job well done months down the line

Don’t have a board room? We’ve the perfect meeting space with full AV facilities on tap. Staff incentives? From big screen sports in your own private bar, to beer pong and pizza, we’ve something for all budgets.

Peace of mind, when you know your event is driven by our team’s expertise? That’s a Bit of a Do.

Sun Tzu, author of the Art of War once wrote, ‘plan what is difficult, while it is easy, do what is great, while it is small’. It’s essentially a very nice way of saying ‘don’t try booking the Christmas do in November’, a sentiment that we can all take on board!


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