Pizza Pong Party

The Brief

Our client, a global IT company based in Belfast, asked us to come up with an idea for a bash to celebrate their birthday.

The brief given to us said; they wanted food, they wanted drink and they wanted entertainment or an activity. BUT it had to be something that would appeal to their mixed demographic of staff.

With a variety of different cultures and age-groups within their workforce – it couldn’t just be a getting sloshed mission but equally, a formal black tie dinner dance would be a no-no.

FYI – we actually do both dinner dances and slosh sessions really well just in case they are your bag! #CallUs

In chatting to the client to get an idea of who they were and what they did – we discovered that they had a ping pong table in their office. And this tiny little titbit of information was all that we needed to run off into our event planning cave (we may have no windows but the music is always on so it’s cool) and get our planning & expertise mojo on!

What We Did

We did a lot of research……. weeelllll when we say research we watched lots of YouTube videos on Ping Pong and then the World Beer Pong Championships in Las Vegas and lamented long and hard over the fact that we weren’t there, and then….. Ping (get it??) lightbulb moment. If Forest couldn’t get to Vegas, then we would bring Vegas to Forest! Beer pong – table tenni- disco music….. The Great & Almighty Pizza Pong Party was born.

What better way to celebrate your company’s birthday AND reward your staff than with a fun filled, action packed evening of Pong, Pizza, Prizes & Partying!

You want food? You got it!

You want drink? You got it!

You want entertainment? Then get ready, ‘cos this is a high energy, loud music, shiny disco ball of an evening!

The client was delighted and jumped at the idea, we made a few tweaks here and there to suit their needs better and we were ready to go.

On the day the party were all greeted on arrival with a themed cocktail or bottle of beer and got the pleasantries out of the way before everyone’s super competitive streak kicked in.

Then our Games Master for the event kicked things off and got the party going with some excellent tunes to get everyone in the mood (“Watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic…..Pysche!!” Amazing, we know!!) and then it was time for the main event.

It was on like Ping Pong!

As well as the tournament, which everyone was encouraged to enter (they got visors, glasses and other silly props so who could say no) there was a games room on the go with rounds of Beer Pong, Keepy Uppy, Round the World etc for those not playing in the tournament or those just looking for a bit of craic without the competition element. The excellent team from Ormeau Table Tennis club were on hand at all times to make sure everyone was getting involved and most importantly – having fun!

Mid-way through the night a mouth-watering selection of Pizzas, Fried Chicken Wings & Frites was served to keep everyone fuelled up for the evening ahead.

Once the champ was crowned the tables were cleared in time to get the ever-important dance-offs underway. The DJ then took over and kept the party going to the wee hours!

What the Client Said

‘A huge thank you for everything Sinéad and her expert team did to make our Company Birthday event run so smoothly. Everyone had a great time on the evening/night and thoroughly enjoyed themselves – well done on a top notch operation, with personal touches along the way – it was a big success.
We’ll be using ‘Bit of a Do’ in the future for event & entertainment planning!’


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